Parking Options

Parking Options:

Dalziel Garage:  Free parking is available for all OIC patrons at the Dalziel  Garage on 15th Street between San Pablo and Clay Streets (1 block from the rink—see map below) from 4pm to 1am Friday evening and Saturday from 8am to 1am.  Please make sure to request validation upon entering the garage in   order to receive free parking during these hours.

18th & San Pablo Surface Lot:  Parking is available in this lot for up to four hours, for a fee of $2 per hour.  PARKING IS FREE IN THIS LOT ON SUNDAY.

Street Parking:  Metered 2-hour parking is enforced around our building on Friday until 6pm and Saturday from 8am to 6pm. STREET PARKING AFTER THESE HOURS AND ON SUNDAY IS FREE


Winter 2023 Series 

January 2 to April 1 2023

(No class on 2/4/2022)



This class is open to children ages 5 and up and is an introductory class to the fundamentals of hockey skating. It is heavily recommended for children to have alreacompleted a skating class: Tots, Youth Beginner 1 Learn to Skate, or another comparable class at another rink.

Skate Rental is Not Included

Skate Rental = $6.50 per session

Skate Rental purchase is available on the DASH platform under Passes in the Membership/Passes page. 

The program is divided into three levels: Hockey 1, Hockey 2, and Hockey 3, with corresponding increasing levels of difficulty. A few examples are listed below and required for each level, in order for each skater to move on to the next level.

  • A helmet is required and a jersey of their choice is welcome.
  • Sticks are allowed but no pucks will be used.
  • If you have full gear the skater is welcome to wear it.

Hockey 1 

  • Sit on ice and stand up                       
  • Proper basic stance                              
  • Balance – reach up, touch 
  • March forward, two foot glide          
  • Dip                                         
  • Scooter pushes, right and left             
  • Forward swizzles, 4-6 in a 
  • Snowplow stop, one foot or 
  • Backward wiggles     
  • Two-foot hop in place


Hockey 2

  • Backward stance and gliding            
  • Skating forward using full
  • Forward one-foot glides, right and
  • Backward swizzles, 4-6 in a row         
  • Forward C-cuts, right and left              
  • Glide turns – 2 feet, both directions     
  • Moving snowplow
  • Forward slalom                                     
  • Moving two-foot turn                           
  • Lateral marching crossovers 

Hockey 3

  • Forward stop and start           
  • Backward C-cuts, right and left                 
  • Backward one-foot glide, right and left  
  • Backward V-stop                                    
  • Hockey turns, right and
  • Forward one-foot pushes on a circle      
  • Forward crossovers                                
  • Mohawk                                                  
  • Hockey stop                                             
  • Forward lunge, right and left                

Upon completion of Hockey 3, skaters will have the option of joining the Oakland Bears In-House Hockey League.