Sharks Ice Adult Hockey League

Current Season: 2023 Winter

Schedule & Stats

The SIAHL@OK charges a per team fee. Each team then determines the individual player cost based on the number of players for their team. There is an Early Bird payment option, in which teams will receive a significant discount if paid in full prior to a predetermined date, generally within the first two weeks from the start of the season.

Each team is responsible for ensuring that their team pays the entire amount and may choose to either pay the team fee in one lump sum, or divide it up amongst individual players. The SIAHL@OK does not determine the amount in which each player owes--that is determined by the team captain(s).  At any time a captain may log on to the Registration Site to view a list of payments made for his or her team in order to determine the remaining balance and a list of players who have made payments.
The Oakland Ice Center accepts payment via credit card (Visa or Mastercard).

Any teams failing to meet payment deadlines will be subject to game forfeiture, playoff ineligibility, and/or further disciplinary measures.

Please refer any questions regarding SIAHL@OK to Adult Ice Hockey League Coordinator / Lead Scorekeeper. 

Player Registration

​Please use this link to register and make payment to team fees as provided by your team captain. 


USA Hockey Membership

​Please use this link to register for USA Hockey

League Waiver

Please use this link to sign the Sharks Ice Online League Waiver. You will need to make sure your name is IDENTICAL to your USA Hockey registration (be aware of any extra spaces or nick names, etc)

Captain's Login

Captains, please use this link to add players to your official roster. You will need their most recent USA Hockey # in order to do so. 

Captain's Page

You may also view the waiver status of any team member from this page.

Free Agent Information

Sharks Ice Adult Hockey League (SIAHL@OK) Oakland Ice Center Free Agent Information

Individuals looking to join the SIAHL@OK for the upcoming season can register on the Free Agent List and email KT Kurita to inquire on availability in desired skill division.

All players (18+ - no exceptions) looking to join a team are encouraged

Free Agent Skate: n/a

Register Online: Free Agent Skate Registration

Game Locations, Times and Days

All games will be played at the Oakland Ice Center operated by Sharks Ice on one of our two ice surfaces.

We are located at 519 18th Street in downtown Oakland. Parking is available at the Dalziel Garage located in the Frank Ogawa Plaza. It is a one block, 3 minute walk to the rink.

On Sundays the 18th street surface lot, located steps from the rink, is free.  Additionally, all metered parking around the rink is free on Sundays.



General League Information

Sharks Ice at Oakland is committed to providing the finest hockey programs. The Oakland Ice Center management stresses equal play at all levels of competition.