At Sharks Sports and Entertainment (SSE), the purpose of our recreational ice facilities has been to promote the physical and mental wellbeing of our guests, creating a community through a shared love of ice sports. Now more than ever, our ability to safely provide that service has driven all of us to change the way we do business. With enhancements in public facing and back of house protocols, we are confident we can meet the challenges of today and provide a safe, positive guest experience.

Our Sharks Ice locations were ahead of the requirements provided by the county in closing our facilities. Noticing the growing concerns this virus was causing, on March 11th, we made the difficult decision to cancel the upcoming weekend of class lessons while we evaluated our ability to space out programming. The following day, March 12th, we made the decision to completely close down our facilities through the weekend for a full disinfecting program of every surface in every location of our facilities. We have yet to reopen. That following Monday, March 16th, Santa Clara County and five other Bay Area counties made the move to close down non-essential businesses and issue the first Shelter-in Place order. We have always placed, and will continue to place, our guests health and wellness as our top priority. 

Below are the guidlines taken at our facility to allow for a limited number of guests to ease into this new normal. Guided by the county’s belief in the scientific response to this pandemic, we believe that taking these steps allow us to provide the fun and excitement of skating in addition to keeping everyone (guest and employees) safe and healthy. 

Guest Experience

The following steps will be taken to ensure a guest may enter the facility:

  • Guests 13 years of age or younger must be accompanied by an adult at check in. 
  • Guest Facial Covering Requirements: Facial coverings will be required to be worn by all guests entering our facilities. If a guest is not wearing a facial covering, we will deny entry prior to them going through the screening process.
  • Guest Facial Coverings During Athletic Activity: Facial covering will be required during athletic activity.

Guest Amenities

  • Elevators: Two guest maximum unless otherwise assistance is needed to provide care or chaperone a child in the elevator.
  • Food and Beverage Services. Will become available when all guidance provided by local and state government are adhered to including social distancing and proper use of utensils and menus.
  • Lobby: Lobby will be spaced as to adhere to social distancing requirements. All equipment must be stowed under the bench in use or kept with the parent or additional guest with the skater.
  • Lost and Found Items: Lost and Found items will not be kept under current phase of reopen. This will be readdressed when larger scale activities are permitted.
  • Sanitization Stations: Sharks Ice will provide hand sanitizer stations throughout the facility. Custodial staff will be responsible for maintaining their proper fill.
  • Vending Machines and Games: Will be removed and not permitted.
  • Locker Rooms: Utilization of locker rooms will be very limited. Most if not all guests will be required to come to the facility dressed and ready to participate in their on-ice activities. Initial Locker Room usage would include a maximum capacity posted at the entrance to each room. Once capacity is reached, guests will be asked to finish getting ready at one of the available changing locations throughout our facilities. All showers within the locker rooms will be off limits.

Locker Room Cleanliness Procedures

  • Social distancing markers will be placed on locker room benches
  • Sanitization of locker room and attached restrooms after each use and as frequently as possible. 
  • Wipe down and sanitization of all door handles and restroom equipment (sinks, toilet, and shower if showers are permitted) after use.
  • Drinking fountains will be disabled and taken offline
  • Water bottle fill stations will be available to our patrons. These units will be sanitized frequently