Public Adult                                         $9.75
Public Youth                                        $8.25
Public Senior                                       $8.00
Tuesday Cheap Skate                       $7.50 (Evening session only)
Tuesday Cheap Skate
(With Skate Rental)                            $11.00 (Evening session only) 
Sunday Family Fun Pack *                  $36.00    Family of Four (4) –
                                                                  Must Include One Adult (includes skate rental)

*Not vaild during the December Holiday Skating Schedule
Coffee Club                                      $7.25 (without skate rental)
                                                            $6.25 Senior (without skate rental)

OIC Ice Dance Session 
Thursday evenings from 7  – 8:30 p.m.
EFFECTIVE AUGUST 1 - $15.25 regular or $13.50 for St. Moritz Ice Skating Club Members
Group Rates                                     $10/$9.50/$8.50
Admission Discount Booklets
Adult    $                 97.50
Child    $                 82.50
Senior $                 80.00
Skate Rental   $ 4.25
Skate Rental Discount Booklet  $ 42.50

Oakland Resident Discount Requires a Valid ID at time of purchase! 

The Oakland Ice Center Gift Card is easy to use as a pre-paid shopping card or gift certificate. Whether for birthdays, holidays or any special occasion, gift cards are always appreciated.Available in any dollar amount or as a prepaid card for 12 discounted public admissions*
Gift Cards make great employee rewards and incentives.
* Good only for use at the Oakland Ice Center; may not be used at other Sharks Ice facilities. Discounts are individual to the card holder and may not be used for group discounts.
Sharks Ice at Oakland can provide public session groups with skating lessons taught by our professional rink staff! 
Instructor fees are $42 for a 30-minute lesson for one instructor (a larger group size could require more then one instructor), and all sessions are subject to instructor availability.  To inquire about a private skating lesson, please call 510-268-9000 and ask for David Hicks, Skating Director, or email

Gift Cards:
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