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Equipment for Hockey Programs at Oakland Ice Center Operated by Sharks Ice

Hockey is a fast pace, high intensity sport, fueled by passion for the game. At Oakland Ice Center Operated by Sharks Ice, we stress the importance of a safe and healthy learning environment and the need to protect oneself. We offer a full line of the latest player and goaltending equipment, including a great selection of NHL jerseys and apparel, skate sharpening services and more.  

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A full set of hockey equipment, including tips on fitting the equipment, includes:



All helmets must be approved by the Hockey Equipment Certification Council (HECC). Facial protection, although not required at all levels of play at Oakland Ice Center, is recommend. This shield is either a metal cage that covers the entire face or a clear fiberglass covering that covers the entire face. Proper fitting is a must!
Shoulder Pads 

Shoulder pads are generally made of hard plastic, which may or may not be covered in padded fabric. The front should cover the entire chest with the arm piece reaching the top of the elbow pad.
Elbow Pads 

Traditionally, elbow pads were designed just to cover the elbow but with lighter materials and a faster game, elbow pads have become larger to provide more protection. Elbow pads now look to cover much of the forearm area as well as the elbow. Elbow pads are made of hard plastic or similar materials and covered in padded fabric. When purchasing elbow pads, be sure they reach the cuff of the glove to avoid any exposed area of the forearm.

Gloves are designed for comfort, maneuverability and protection. The palm is soft leather allowing the player to feel the stick easily. The top of the glove has thick foam padding to give protection from sticks, pucks and other hazards. Gloves should also be comfortable and allow the player to handle the stick without hindrance. For this reason, many gloves have wide cuffs to allow easy movement.

Hockey pants consist of a combination of hard plastic and foam padding woven into a pant shell. The pant should reach from the bottom of the rib cage to the top of the knee. The leg area should be slightly loose to allow movement and the waist should be tight to ensure they're properly positioned.
Shin Pads:

Shin pads are designed to protect the entire leg from just above the knee to the top of the foot. The front of the pad is hard plastic lined with foam padding inside that also wraps around the back of the leg. Some styles of shin pads have straps to help keep the protection in proper position. If pad seems to shift then hockey tape should be used on the outer socks to keep the pads from sliding out of place.

There are numerous materials used to make sticks today as well as different curves and stiffness. Basically there are three styles/options for sticks: composite, wood/fiberglass blend and shaft and blade. Composite sticks are made of graphite, Kevlar, and other strong synthetic materials designed to improve power and strength. Many refer to these as one piece sticks. Wood/fiberglass sticks are a one-piece shaft and blade that is made of a blend of wood and fiberglass. These sticks are not as expensive but break more easily than composites. The last option is a composite shaft with a insert blade. The blades are made of wood, fibreglass or graphite. Shaft and blade are sold separately and are replaceable. The next area that must be looked at is the stiffness of the stick. The greater the flex the more the stick will bend. All of the above will depend on personal preference and it is recommended that younger players look for a junior style stick. The next variable to consider is the curve. First you need to determine whether you need a right handed or left-handed stick. A right-handed shot holds the top of the stick with the left hand and the bottom of the stick with his/her right hand. The opposite would be true for a left hand shot. Whichever is more comfortable is what you should use. There are many different options when looking at curves; you may need to try a few before finding what is right for yourself. The last variable to consider is the length of the stick. Sticks are made as either Junior or Senior models. Junior models are designed for children so they are shorter and not as wide around as the Senior models. When standing on skates the stick should reach to about your chin. All sticks can be cut to you height if needed. In street shoes you should look to have the stick come up to your nose to take into account your skates.

Skates are the most important piece of equipment a player wears. When looking at skates you must look for protection, stability, and a proper fit. The fit is often overlooked to get more use out of it. Generally you should purchase skates 1 to 1-1/2 sizes smaller than your shoe size to ensure a tight fit (This will differ between manufactures and between youth to adult skates). Skates should always be tied tight; not to the point where ones feet begin to hurt, but tight enough to avoid sliding or shifting in the boot. This will also avoid improper skating technique and possible injury.



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