Adult Hockey League



Oakland Ice Center is committed to providing the finest hockey programs and stresses equal play at all levels of competition.

All games will be played at the Oakland Ice Center on one of our two ice surfaces. Teams will primarily play one game per week. Primary game days for each division will be as follows (games may be played on additional nights, including playoffs):

Tentative Game Days Winter 2014/15:

Gold A: Monday/Thursday     
Gold B: Wednesday/Friday/Saturday   
Gold C: Tuesday/Friday/Saturday 
Gold  D: Thursday/Monday   
Silver A:  Thursday/Monday                      
Silver B: Sunday/Wednesday

Silver C: Sunday/Tuesday       
Silver D:  Sunday/Friday/Saturday          
Bronze: Saturday/Sunday

Over 40A: Sunday
Over 40B: Sunday

Winter 2014-15 first day of games is September 7 and individual teams start dates will vary.  Playoffs end late March 2015.

General Season Information 

Oakland Ice Center Adult Hockey League offers a Spring/Summer League starting in April and ending late August and a Winter League typically starting in September and ending in late March. Currently the SIAHL has more than 1,400 players participating on 70+ teams in 11 skill divisions. The Winter season generally consists of 20-24 regular season games, followed by single elimination playoffs. The Summer season generally has 18-20 regular season games, followed by single elimination playoffs.

Team signups begin in early spring for the Spring/Summer season and mid summer for the Winter season.  Team space is limited, divisions are filled on a first come, first served basis.  Individuals without teams who are looking to play are welcome to join our Free Agent List.  Skill levels range from pure beginner in our Bronze level all the way up to our Gold A (Advanced) level.  Prior to joining the beginner league, players should complete at least one level of Adult Hockey Lessons.  Schedule averages one game per week, however due to some unforeseen circumstances some teams could be required to play games on alternate game nights.

Prior to the start of the season, a Free Agent Skate will be held for all players hoping to join teams. All team captains will be notified of the skate and may choose to attend if they are looking to add to their roster for the upcoming season. The skate costs $15, and requires a questionnaire to be submitted with contact information and a few brief questions regarding your hockey background. In order to be notified of the Free Agent Skate, please submit your information to our Free Agent List.


The SIAHL charges a per team fee. Teams then decide individually what the individual player cost is based on the number of players on the team. There will always be an Early Bird payment option, in which teams will receive a significant discount if paid in full prior to a predetermined date,  generally within the first two weeks from the start of the season.

Each team is responsible for ensuring that their team pays the entire amount and may choose to either pay the team fee in one lump sum, or divide it up amongst individual players. The SIAHL does not determine the amount in which each player owes, rather that is determined by the team captain(s).  As a courtesy, league officials will offer to arrange online payments, of an amount set by the individual team, so that each member of the team may pay their portion online.  At any time a captain may long on to the Captain's Site to view a list of payments made for his or her team in order to determine the remaining balance and a list of players who have made payments.
Sharks Ice at Okland accepts payment via cash, personal check, or credit card (Visa or Mastercard).

Any teams failing to meet payment deadlines will be subject to game forfeiture and/or further disciplinary measures.


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