Sharks Ice is teamed up with Rink Music Inc. to make playing your music while skating easier than ever!

How it works: Each skater will purchase a key tag from their “Home Rink” at the front desk. Visit and click the membership button to set up an account (see below for details) Once a subscriber, you will load your desired skating program music onto your account to be played at your “Home Rink”.

When participating in a skating session, simply find the touch screen located at center ice of each ice surface, swipe you key tag and your music will be placed into a Queue. Once your turn has come, your name will be announced followed by your music. (Usage on public sessions is prohibited when 25 or more skaters are present.) Please note, as of July 1st all CD players in scorers boxes will be removed from use.

Subscription and Payment Information Purchase your key tag at your "Home Rink" for a One Time fee of $12 (You are also given the option of adding additional rinks to your account for a One-Time fee of $5) The Rink Music system requires an annual subscription: Gold: $20 annual membership, allows for 10 song uploads to your account. Silver: $10 annual membership, allows for 5 song uploads to your account. (Both plans allow for additional song uploads for $2 each)