Looking for tips on Flexibility, Strength, Balance, Jumps, Spins, Visualization and even Hair and Makeup? We got you covered! Here are some tips for all ages and levels from our very own Pros.  Show us how these tips are helping you or if you have any tips of your own! Use the hashtag #ShelterInSkate to stay connected.   

michelle stretch.jpg

Coach Michelle Hong from the Oakland Ice Center has some great tips for stretching. You can follow along at #StretchWithMichelle!



Looking to strengthen your skills? Coach Craig from Solar4America Ice at San Jose has the moves for you!

If ballet is your thing David Hicks, the Oakland Ice Center's Skating Manager, recommends taking a short barre wiith New York City Balllet principal dancer and former Broadway star Tiler Peck. Tiler has curated this exclusive video of her at-home ballet session for Playbill.com  CLICK HERE  to get your plie on!